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Cell-Based Assays

Load your CellDirector® assays with single cells, cell spheroids or even small organs in a simple procedure

High Quality Results

CellDirector® assays generate stable and predictable gradients of your growth factors, peptides or candidate drugs

Live Cell Tracking

Time-lapse microscopy captures cell responses such as cell migration, blood vessel sprouting and morphogenesis

Upcoming events

Goodbye Flat Biology
2-5 Nov, Berlin, Germany

MBSJ 2014
25-27 Nov, Yokohama, Japan


Microfluidic Cell Migration and Morphogenesis Assays

Live Cell Imaging to Scan Reality

Tracking Tool™ PRO - Coming soon!


» The latest within Automated Cell Tracking: Ticket-based software that tracks your sequences of live cell images in minutes instead of hours

CellDirector® assays


» Upgrade your cell response research by combining live cell imaging with stable gradients

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Get started with CellDirector®


» Let us quickly guide you through Start-Kits, CellDirector assays and complementary CellDirector products

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Protocols shared by Users


» CellDirector users, experts within their field, kindly share their protocols with You. Choose between various applications and cell lines.