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Tracking Tool™ PRO

NEW!! Save hours with our new software for automated cell tracking. Accurate Flexible and Robust.


CellDirector® can be loaded with single cells, cell spheroids or even small organs in a simple procedure

Physiological Reality

CellDirector® assays generate stable and predictable gradients of your growth factors, peptides or candidate drugs

Live Cell Imaging

Live cell imaging captures cell responses such as cell migration, blood vessel sprouting and morphogenesis

Upcoming Events

ISSCR 2015 Annual Meeting
24-27 June, Stockholm, Sweden

Beatson Int. Cancer Conference
5-8 July, Glasgow, UK



Microfluidic Cell Migration and Morphogenesis Assays

Discover Physiological Reality with Live Cell Imaging

Tracking Tool™ PRO - NEW!


» Outstanding ticket-based software for high-quality automated tracking of your live cell images. Get Free Trial Tickets today!

CellDirector® assays


» Upgrade your cell response research by combining live cell imaging with stable gradients

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» Let us quickly guide you through Start-Kits, CellDirector assays and complementary CellDirector products

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Protocols shared by Users


» CellDirector users, experts within their field, kindly share their protocols with You. Choose between various applications and cell lines.