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Expose your cells to stable biomolecular gradients to discover the true physiological reality

NEW Accessory!

Switch between stable gradients during live cell experiment & discover the true cellular effects

NEW Software!

Automated cell tracking of highest quality with our new Tracking Tool™ PRO software. Accurate Flexible and Robust.

Live Cell Imaging

Capture dynamic cell responses like cell migration, blood vessel sprouting and morphogenesis with live cell imaging

Upcoming Events

Cell Adhesion and Migration
20-23 June 2016, Cambridge, UK

Microfluidic Cell Migration and Morphogenesis Assays

Discover Physiological Reality with Live Cell Imaging

NEW! Automated cell tracking


» Tracking Tool™ PRO is our new outstanding software for automated tracking of your live cell images. High-quality tracking results. Download and Get Free Trial Tickets!

CellDirector® cell-based assays


» Stable gradients combined with live cell imaging for front line life science research. Microfluidics brings you endless possibilities.

CellDirector® Brochure (pdf)

Application protocols


» Find application protocols for various cell types, but also valuable cell culture and microscopy guides.

Get ready for your first CellDirector®


» A quick guide on what you need to get started with your first CellDirector® experiments. Add products for extended possibilities.

CellDirector® Get Started Guide (pdf)