1st Cell Biology Symposium Umeå

Umeå, Sweden

Welcome to the Umeå Cell Biology Symposium 2018! Research at Umeå University, Sweden, is innovative and extends over many disciplines and scientific fields, with many of its 2000 researchers and teachers being among the elite in Sweden and throughout the world. The aim of the Cell Biology meeting is to exchange up-to-date knowledge and ideas on fundamental and applied aspects of cell biology as well as novel approaches and techniques that are useful for basic research.

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Umeå Cell Biology Symposium 2018

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GoodBye Flat Biology 2018

Berlin, Germany

Following the sold-out second edition in 2016, you can expect more superb science, networking opportunities and discussion on the latest topics. The meeting is of interest to all who use cells in vitro for the study of tumour biology and biochemistry, drug target validation, compound and antibody screening, toxicology and patient-tumour profiling.

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Goodbye Flat Biology: In vivo inspired cancer biology and therapy

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