Ultra-rapid AST with superior precision on a small footprint

QuickMIC® can speed up blood diagnostics and help improve treatment of sepsis patients. The system provides continuous MIC values with superior precision and low variability in    2-4 hours – directly from positive blood cultures.

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The QuickMIC system

The QuickMIC® system

Each QuickMIC instrument analyses one blood culture per run. Up to 12 instruments can be stacked to increase testing capacity while saving valuable bench space. The system monitors bacterial growth in real time by live imaging for a maximum of 4 hours.

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Clinically actionable AST

QuickMIC® is designed to help clinicians make more informed treatment decisions on antibiotic selection and dosage for improved sepsis patient outcomes.

Accurate & reliable MIC

QuickMIC delivers high accuracy MICs with unprecedented precision. Low variability results in 2-4 hours means ultra-rapid AST you can trust.

Fight antibiotic resistance

Targeted treatment of sepsis patient reduces unnecessary antibiotic use and limit the threat of antibiotic resistance.

Start small, scale up later

Simple installation, easy-to-use software and a small foot-print, ensures it’s easy to get started. The award-winning, modular design allows patient-near laboratories to stack up to 12 instruments for increased capacity.

Convenient patient-centric panels

Single-use cassettes offer fast and convenient patient-centric panels, each containing 12 antibiotics. High resolution around clinical breakpoints ensure clinically relevant results.

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How labs benefit from our platform

QuickMIC® is designed to strengthen your lab by providing reliable and precise results at outstanding speed.

  • Precise MIC values for improved testing of challenging strains
  • Critical results to the clinical team on the same working shift
  • Ultra-rapid susceptibility results based on phenotypic resistance

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