Biomolecular gradients control life

In all living organisms, polarity and directions of signaling molecules control biological processes. Gradients control everything – cell survival, signaling, activation, migration and differentiation.

The ability of cells to respond to gradients is essential to all aspects of developmental biology, and important for physiological and pathological organ function. This area of research is of increasing importance for scientists in the academic, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic markets.



Traditional cell based assays on the market are end-point assays, where the important information on cell responses between start and analysis is lost. There is an ongoing shift towards high-quality assays where cell responses are measured using live cell imaging – you can “scan biological reality” by filming the cell responses in the microscope. Hereby, immense amounts of information is collected, but with a lower number of experiments. The cell response assays by Gradientech combine the advantages of microfluidics – well controlled fluid flows – with live cell imaging. CellDirector® assays move YOUR lab experiments closer to the reality in the human body.