Chemotaxis towards stable gradients

CellDirector® 2D


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CellDirector 2D is a cell-based assay optimised for the analysis of cell migration and cell behavior in response to chemotactic concentration gradients. Live cell imaging allows for cell tracking of individual cells throughout the entire experiment. Migration data from both gradient conditions as well as from controls are collected during a single experiment. CellDirector 2D generates fully controllable gradients in cell cultures to study how e.g. endothelial cells, neutrophils or cancer cells respond to gradients of your specific signaling molecules. Cell migration is preferably recorded by time-lapse imaging.


Popular research applications of CellDirector® 2D

  • Neutrophil and macrophage chemotaxis
  • Metastatic cancer cell chemotaxis
  • Chemotaxis of differentiating cells
  • Chemotaxis of endothelial cells
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Benefits of CellDirector® 2D

  • Stable and well-established gradients
  • Live cell tracking of individual cells
  • No assembly needed, simple to handle
  • Distinguishes between random and directed migration
  • Reduces time to publication
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 Technical information

Bottom thickness #1.5 (170 µm)
Bottom material D263™ M borosilicate glass
Transmission wave lengths 300-1200 nm
 Sterilized by Ethylene oxide
Catalogue# (10 assays/box) REF 11-001-10



F. Binet, PhD 
(Dept. of Med Biochemistry and Microbiology, Uppsala University)
“I think CellDirector 2D is a powerful tool, as well as being user-friendly. CellDirector gives reliable results for measurements of real-time migration in physiologically relevant settings.”

P. Gerwins, Prof, MD (Dept. of Med Biochemistry and Microbiology, Uppsala University)
“The CellDirector assay makes it possible to analyse true cell chemotaxis in real time at very high resolution, to distinguish between chemotaxis and random cell migration. The amount of high quality data generated is truly impressive.“

Z. Wu, Ph.D (Dept. of Engineering Sciences, Uppsala University)
“CellDirector is a fantastic gadget to connect biologists and engineers. It offers us new possibilities for exciting research.”

J. Fernandez-Rodriguez, PhD (Centre for Cellular Imaging, University of Gothenburg)
“The Centre for Cellular Imaging Users found the Gradientech workshop a fantastic and valuable introduction to the CellDirector technique, offering them new possibilities for exacting research!”