Culture Models

CellDirector® – Live cell imaging in 2D and 3D


The CellDirector assay – in addition to providing excellent cell culture conditions – gives you the possibility to analyse real-time cell responses using live cell imaging, with full control of the chemotactic environment. Use CellDirector 2D or CellDirector 3D depending on your application.

System set-up (jpg)

CellDirector® 2D

For chemotaxis experiments towards instantly formed gradients in 2D cell cultures



Benefits of CellDirector® 2D
  • Stable and well-established gradients
  • Live cell tracking of individual cells
  • Distinguish random from directed migration



Cells adhere to the assay bottom and 2D chemotactic cell responses are captured in real-time in the middle gradient channel. Non-gradient cell responses are obtained from the two control channels.

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CellDirector® 3D

For advanced chemotaxis and morphogenesis experiments in 3D cell cultures


Benefits of CellDirector® 3D
  • Stable and well-established gradients
  • Bridging in vitro and in vivo
  • Culture spheroids or small organs and explore gradient responses



Cells, spheroids or small embryonic organs are embedded in a 3D matrix. A linear substance gradient is formed through the matrix, allowing for cell responses under in vivo-like conditions.

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