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Gradientech receives SEK 6.3M from BIO-X® Accelerate program

Uppsala, March 27, 2020. Gradientech has been awarded with SEK 6.3M from the highly competitive BIO-X Accelerate program, to support the commercialization journey of its diagnostic system QuickMIC®. QuickMIC is an ultra-rapid system designed to provide fast and targeted treatment for sepsis patients.

In the challenging times we are facing, the need for innovative, life-saving infection diagnostics is higher than ever before. Due to the emergence of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, older people and those with chronic conditions are now at a higher risk of contracting severe illnesses like sepsis. The survival of sepsis patients is time critical, where every min ute without appropriate treatment increases the risk of dying. QuickMIC determines which antibiotic treatment will be most effective for sepsis patients in record time.

“The funding received from the BIO-X Accelerate program will definitely help us towards a faster market introduction of the QuickMIC system, both by advancing the production transfer process of our antibiotic panels, and by securing our clinical performance evaluation” – says Teresa Fernandez Zafra, PhD, Product Manager at Gradientech.

The clinical evidence gathered in the proposed project will open the QuickMIC system to CE-IVD marking, which is crucial to establish the system
in standard clinical practice.

For further information, please contact:
Sara Thorslund, PhD, CEO Gradientech
Tel: +46 736 29 35 80

Gradientech is an ISO13485 certified company since 2017


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