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Gradientech signs additional distribution agreement for Europe

The diagnostics company Gradientech today announces exclusive distribution agreements with the Triolab group for the commercialization of QuickMIC® in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the Baltics.

Triolab Group is the largest independent distributor and support organisation for clinical diagnostics and life science products in the Nordic and Baltic markets, representing many of the world’s leading suppliers. Triolab Group is part of AddLife.

“We are delighted to present Triolab as our distributor of our QuickMIC system for significant markets in Europe. The Triolab group is a strong partner with a very good reputation – known for its expertise, high-quality services and strong commitment to customer service”, says Sara Thorslund, CEO of Gradientech.

Gradientech already has an exclusive distribution agreement with Biomedica for the commercialization of QuickMIC® in Austria, Switzerland and Central Eastern Europe.

“By signing Triolab, being the leading distributor of the region in our market segment, we add another important piece in the foundation that will pivot us towards our goal of becoming the leading rapid AST solution”, says Peter Karlberg, VP Sales at Gradientech.

The QuickMIC system’s ultra-rapid and precise results enable patients with sepsis to quickly receive specific personalized guidance of the right antibiotics in the right dose. The modular design makes it flexible and allows hospitals to start on a small scale and then scale up as needed.

“At Triolab group we want to secure that our customers have the possibility to use the most modern technology and give patients the best possible care. Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that develops as a reaction to infection and require emergency antibiotic therapy. As antibiotic resistance is a large and growing global threat and the current standard antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) takes too long there is a need for faster diagnostics. We are therefore excited to start the collaboration with Gradientech to help hospitals provide rapid AST results in record-time, so that sepsis patients can receive proper targeted antibiotic treatment faster than ever before as well as fight antimicrobial resistance”, says Kai Rantanen, Head of the Board of Triolab Group.

For more information please contact:
Peter Karlberg, VP Sales Gradientech
Tel: + 46 763 29 08 14

Sara Thorslund, PhD, CEO Gradientech
Tel: +46 736 29 35 80

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