Image for Gradientech’s diagnostic system QuickMIC® achieves CE-IVD approval

Gradientech’s diagnostic system QuickMIC® achieves CE-IVD approval

The diagnostics company Gradientech today announces CE-IVD registration of its first diagnostic product QuickMIC® and its gram-negative panel. The QuickMIC system will be the fastest system for growth-based testing of antibiotic susceptibility for sepsis patients.

“CE-IVD registration is an important milestone for Gradientech. Together with the successful results of the clinical study, the QuickMIC system is now ready for the European market. Today I feel very proud and happy as we after years of hard work can offer next generation diagnostics of antibiotic susceptibility testing in a globally very important and prioritized area”, says Sara Thorslund, CEO of Gradientech.

The QuickMIC system’s ultra-rapid and precise results enable patients with sepsis to quickly receive specific personalized guidance of the right antibiotics in the right dose. The modular design makes it flexible and allows hospitals to start on a small scale and then scale up as needed.

“There is a presently unmet medical need for rapid availability of phenotypic susceptibility data for Gram-negative organisms. QuickMIC meets this need and can play a crucial role in the hospitals’ important work to essentially improve care in sepsis patients,” says Holger Rohde MD Prof. Molecular Microbiology, Hamburg-Eppendorf University Hospital.

For more information please contact:
Sara Thorslund, PhD, CEO Gradientech
Tel: +46 736 29 35 80

Gradientech is an ISO13485 certified company since 2017


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