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IR Press releasesNews 2024-03-07

Gradientech´s distributor Triolab starts its first commercial evaluation with QuickMIC® in Sweden

The diagnostics company Gradientech today announces that its assigned distributor for Sweden, Triolab AB, will start its first commercial evaluation of the QuickMIC® system at the Kalmar County Hospital.

The Kalmar County Hospital provides diagnostic services for microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses across its entire region in southern Sweden. The clinical microbiology department at Kalmar County Hospital will evaluate the performance of the QuickMIC system in comparison to their current routine antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) method. The study will include samples from sepsis patients from the whole Kalmar region.

“Sepsis is a life-threatening condition, and as antibiotic resistance is a large and growing global threat and the current standard antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) takes too long, there is a need for faster diagnostics. We are therefore excited to start this collaboration with the clinical microbiology team at Kalmar County Hospital to gain further evidence about the superior performance of the QuickMIC system and improve the patient outcome, says Zoltan Korodi, PhD, Product Manager Microbiology at Triolab.

“I´m very pleased to announce this collaborative effort with our Swedish distributor, Triolab. Their mission

to ensure that their customers have access to cutting-edge technology and give patients the best possible care is the perfect fit for Gradientech´s precise and ultra-rapid AST system,” says Sara Thorslund co-founder and CEO of Gradientech.

Triolab is the largest independent distributor and support organisation for clinical diagnostics and life science products in the Nordic and Baltic markets, representing many of the world’s leading suppliers. Triolab is part of the AddLife group.

For further information, please contact:

Sara Thorslund, PhD, CEO 

Tel: +46 736 29 35 80 




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Gradientech is leading the field of ultra-rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing. We develop next-generation diagnostics in infectious disease medicine. Our product QuickMIC®, classified as a breakthrough device by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, allows patients with sepsis to quickly receive specific guidance on the right antibiotic in the right dose. It saves lives, reduces healthcare costs and limits the spread of antibiotic resistance – one of the greatest global health threats of our time. Gradientech is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden. Visit for more information.