IR Press releases 2022-03-28

New article published on the QuickMIC® system

Uppsala, 28 March, 2022. Gradientech AB (publ) today announces a new scientific publication of its diagnostic QuickMIC® system, demonstrating significant reduction in turnaround time for antibiotic guidance of critically ill sepsis patients.

The scientific publication is a collaboration between Gradientech and researchers and clinicians at Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden, with the primary aim to evaluate the performance of the QuickMIC system regarding speed, accuracy and precision in comparison to traditional antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) methods.

The authors conclude that QuickMIC is a more rapid diagnostic solution compared to conventional diagnostics that can reduce sample turnaround times in a clinical setting with at least 40 %, and with a high agreement to the golden standard AST method. Due to the significantly decreased turnaround times, the system can contribute to earlier appropriate and targeted antibiotic treatment and thus improve the quality of care of critically ill sepsis patients, as well as reduce unnecessary antibiotic use.

“The speed of the QuickMIC system and significant reduction of total turnaround time compared to routine diagnosticsis very promising and could have a great impact for antibiotic treatment guidance for sepsis patients in the future,” said Christer Malmberg, Chief Scientist at Gradientech and lead author of the article.

The study is published in Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, a prestigious open access journal publishing rigorously peer-reviewed research covering all aspects of diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of human infectious diseases. The journal is part of the Frontiers network, the leading open access publication house in the world. Its purpose is to accelerate scientific communication of high-quality research findings, with worldwide open and free access to these findings. Gradientech is fully committed to promoting open and free access to research.

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