Board of Directors

The Board consists of the ordinary members: Gisela Sitbon (Chairman), Laura Chirica, Henrik Didner, Rolf Ehrnström, Ted Elvhage and Simon Turner. The Board is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting for the period until the next Annual General Meeting has been held.

Portrait of Gisela Sitbon, PhD

Gisela Sitbon, PhD

Chairman since 2020

Portrait of Henrik Didner, PhD

Henrik Didner, PhD

Director since 2018

Portrait of Rolf Ehrnström

Rolf Ehrnström

Director since 2020

Portrait of Laura Chirica, PhD

Laura Chirica, PhD

Director since 2021

Portrait of Hilja Ibert, PhD

Hilja Ibert, PhD

Director since 2023

Portrait of Nedal Safwat, PhD

Nedal Safwat, PhD

Director since 2023