Annual report 2023

Here you will find excerpts from our annual report with links to read more. You can also download the full annual report as an interactive and clickable PDF where it is easy to navigate between the different sections using the navigation menu at the top of the page.

Annual report 2023 [PDF] 

Gradientech in brief

Gradientech develops and sells next-generation diagnostics in the field of infectious disease medicine. Our product, QuickMIC®, makes us the world leader in ultra-rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) and allows patients suffering from sepsis to quickly receive specific guidance on the right antibiotics and the right dose. This saves lives, reduces healthcare costs and lowers the spread of antibiotic resistance – one of the greatest global threats of our time. QuickMIC is based on cutting-edge innovation, has won the most prestigious industrial design awards and is designated as a breakthrough device by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Gradientech’s head office is located in Uppsala, Sweden.

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QuickMIC® – The fastest AST on the market

QuickMIC® helps clinicians determine the optimal antibiotic treatment for patients´with sepsis and and identifies the antibiotics to which the patient’s bacteria are resistant. QuickMIC is designed for use in clinical microbiology laboratories and uses positive blood cultures as the starting sample – unlike other legacy susceptibility testing systems that require positive blood cultures to be sub-cultured before AST testing. Quantitative resistance values, or MIC values (Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations), are delivered within two to four hours. This makes QuickMIC the fastest diagnostic system on the market for AST of sepsis samples.

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An eventful year with several important achievements

Read Sara’s CEO statement where she addresses some important milestones that Gradientech achieved during the year:

  • The FDA classified QuickMIC® as a Breakthrough Device
  • Pre-clinical studies in the US
  • International addition to the Board of Directors
  • QuickMIC® nominated for Microbiology Product of the Year
  • Expanded distribution channels

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Sepsis affects nearly 50 million people throughout the world each year – more than 11 million of whom do not survive. The ability to rapidly identify the optimal antibiotic treatment for an individual patient saves lives and reduces the risk of permanent damage. The ability to make a rapid decision about the most effective antibiotic for an individual sepsis patient, and using the right treatment, is also highly significant for preserving the future of antibiotic effectiveness. This is a major and important social challenge that requires both global and local initiatives.

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Our present strategic focus is to drive sales of QuickMIC® systems jointly with our distributors in the European market by continuously increasing the number of instruments installed at clinical microbiology laboratories, thereby generating sales of associated tests. Alongside of this, development and preparation for clinical studies in the US are ongoing with the aim of obtaining FDA clearance for QuickMIC.

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We conducted a stakeholder and materiality assessment to identify the issues that are most important for our stakeholders and where Gradientech has the greatest ability to be involved and have an influence. Based on these results, we identified three sustainability focus areas:

  • Healthcare
  • The team
  • Innovation and knowledge

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