QuickMIC® AST testing like never before

Phenotypic AST designed to ultra-rapidly determine effective treatment options for sepsis patients.

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The QuickMIC system

We are on a race against time

Every third second someone dies of sepsis. Many lives could be saved – every minute, every hour – with faster testing and appropriate treatment. QuickMIC saves precious time by providing reliable results in hours instead of days.

The global sepsis challenge

Our legacy products

Our legacy products provide solutions to study cell responses for research purposes. The QuickMIC system is built on the same core technology.

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Live cell imaging in 2D & 3D

CellDirector is optimised for the analysis of cell migration and cell behavior in response to stable microfluidic gradients.

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Cell analysis software

Automated cell tracking software for analysing time-lapse images with manual editing control. Learn more and download client.

Tracking Tool™ PRO