Sepsis – faster treatment saves lives

We are on a race against time

Every 3 seconds someone dies of sepsis. Many lives could be saved – every minute, every hour – with faster testing and appropriate treatment. QuickMIC saves precious time by providing reliable AST results in 2-4 hours, instead of days.

A global challenge

Sepsis affects 30 million people every year of which about 20% do not survive today. Time is critical: survival rates decrease dramatically with every hour of inappropriate antibiotic treatment.

Around 40% of sepsis patients receive inappropriate initial treatment. QuickMIC delivers results in record-time, so that sepsis patients can receive proper targeted antibiotic treatment faster than ever before.

Fighting antibiotic resistance

Sepsis is becoming harder to treat as antibiotics are losing their effectiveness due to increasing antibiotic resistance. Resistant infections are on the rise, already causing 33,000 deaths in Europe every year.

The WHO has stressed the urgent need for new rapid AST solutions that can guide proper antibiotic treatment and reduce antibiotic misuse.

Large effects on society

Early sepsis detection and right treatment administration positively impacts the human and economic burden of sepsis, by saving more lives and reducing hospital costs due to shorter hospital stays.

Implementation of QuickMIC can result in a net saving of 4000€ per patient, which is ~30% of the hospital’s cost for a sepsis patient.

The value and benefits of QuickMIC

Save lives

Actionable results available in record-time means sepsis patients can receive appropriate antibiotic treatment faster.

Cut hospital costs

Earlier, appropriate sepsis treatment leads to shorter hospital stays, which reduces hospital expenditure.

Combat antibiotic resistance

Targeted treatment of sepsis patients reduces unnecessary antibiotic use and limits the spread of resistance.

Learn more about QuickMIC

QuickMIC is an ultra-rapid system for antibiotic susceptibility testing. QuickMIC determines MIC values directly from positive blood cultures with incredible precision in just 2-4 hours.

QuickMIC Specifications

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