Tracking Tool™ PRO Automated analysis

Software for automated analysis of cell migration

Tracking Tool™ PRO drastically reduces the time for the analysis of cell migration data. The user-friendly interface counts with numerous parameters for you to optimise the analysis and obtain the best results. Export the statistical results together with trajectory plots ready for publication.

Benefits of Tracking Tool™ PRO

  • Excellent automated cell tracking quality
  • Saves hours compared to manual tracking
  • Analyzes labelled and non-labelled cells
  • Full user control and manual editing of tracks
  • Handles standard image formats (.tiff and .jpeg)



Tracking Tool PRO is a stand-alone software – no license is required. The automated tracking uses a ticket system, where one ticket is assigned to one image sequence. Manual cell tracking with Tracking Tool™ PRO is also possible. This function is available free of charge.

A windows emulator is required to run Tracking Tool™ PRO on Mac.

Download Tracking Tool PRO   Download Manual