QuickMIC® Ultra-rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing

Meet the QuickMIC® system

QuickMIC® is designed to strengthen your lab by providing reliable and precise results at outstanding speed.

  • Precise MIC values in 2-4 hours
  • Direct from positive blood cultures
  • Antibiotic panels for gram-negative bacteria

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QuickMIC instrument and antibiotic cassette design winner

A modular system with up to 12 instruments per set up

One instrument analyses one sample per run

Cassettes with a tailored panel for GN bacteria

Loaded with smart features to make lab life better


MIC values with high resolution around clinical breakpoints make AST more accurate than ever.


Save precious time and deliver critical results to the clinical team during the same laboratory working shift.


Susceptibility results based on real-time bacterial growth monitoring. Detects any phenotypic resistance.

User testimonial

The QuickMIC® system, owing to the speed and short time to result has enabled us to completely change our workflows within the lab and change our way how we communicate results to the clinician. In the future, we hope that these changes will translate into lives being saved.

Holger Rohde, MD Prof. Molecular Microbiology

Deputy Head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology, Virology and Hygiene at Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

QuickMIC's gradient technology vs broth microdilution

Improve clinical decisions

Our unique technology utilises a continuous linear antibiotic gradient, which allows for higher resolution, precision and accuracy than methods based on discrete concentrations.

  • Increased confidence in MICs from single testing
  • High sensitivity around clinical breakpoints (SIR)
QuickMIC AST results vs legacy methods

Speed up lab workflows

QuickMIC performs antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) directly from positive blood cultures and delivers results within 2-4 hours. Run QuickMIC alongside your preferred rapid ID method to report results to the clinical team even faster.

  • Same work shift actionable results
  • Minimum hands-on time
  • No plate culturing necessary
MIC values with high precision on gradient

Determine functional resistance in real time

Bacterial microcolonies exposed to a linear antibiotic gradient are followed in real time by live imaging. The software analyses the growth patterns of each microcolony along the linear antibiotic gradient to determine precise MIC values.

  • Bacterial growth can be visually monitored throughout the run for each antibiotic
  • Phenotypic detection of antibiotic resistance

Learn more about QuickMIC

QuickMIC integrates innovative technology with powerful and intuitive analysis software. Our GN antibiotic panel is tailored for common sepsis-causing bacteria.

QuickMIC Specifications


The QuickMIC® system and its Gram-negative panel are CE-marked. The QuickMIC system is not FDA 510(k)-cleared and not available in the U.S. The QuickMIC system has received Breakthrough Design Designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).