QuickMIC®: Pioneering ultra-rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing

QuickMIC instruments stacked

QuickMIC Instrument

The QuickMIC instrument can analyse one positive blood culture sample per run, providing precise MIC values in 2–4 hours. The system’s unique technology utilises microfluidics and live imaging to monitor bacterial growth across a linear antibiotic gradient. The small, modular instruments can be stacked to increase testing capacity as needed.

QuickMIC Cassette

The QuickMIC cassettes test one blood culture sample against a panel of multiple antibiotics. Each pre-filled cassette contains twelve antibiotics tailored for common sepsis-causing bacteria.


The gram-negative antibiotic panel is tailored for the following bacteria: E. coli, Klebsiella spp., P. aeruginosa, E. cloacae, A. baumannii, Proteus spp., Citrobacter spp. and S. marcescens. 

QuickMIC® Analyst software

QuickMIC Analyst

Our software analyses bacterial microcolonies to calculate growth rates and determine MIC values.

  • A real-time overview of the run allows users to visually monitor growth in chambers
  • Results for each antibiotic are presented independently throughout the run, as soon as they become available
  • QuickMIC Analyst supports up to 12 connected instruments at once

The QuickMIC Workflow

Simply load the cassette with the provided growth medium and with your gel-embedded sample. Insert into an available instrument, click Start Run and you’re all set.

QuickMIC® sample preparation

The full description is available in the QuickMIC® GN Instructions for Use.

QuickMIC GN Panel

Tailored for common sepsis-causing gram-negative bacteria