Discover the unique technology behind the QuickMIC® system

The power of linear antibiotic gradients

Gradientech’s technology combines microfluidics with live cell imaging to analyse bacterial responses on a linear antibiotic concentration gradient. The revolutionary technology delivers MIC values with unprecedented precision in just 2–4 hours.1

linear antibiotic gradient technology

Transforming AST with linear gradients

Bacterial microcolonies growing on a linear antibiotic gradient are followed in real time by live imaging.

The QuickMIC Analyst software analyses the growth patterns of each microcolony along the linear antibiotic gradient to determine precise MIC values. Together with the bacterial ID, the MIC value indicates if the bacteria are susceptible or resistant (S, I, R) to the antibiotic tested. The linear concentration gradients have high sensitivity around clinical breakpoints, to ensure relevant results.

One run, 12 independent gradients

The cassettes are filled with 12 antibiotics tailored for common sepsis-causing bacteria. Each chamber forms an independent continuous gradient, which can be monitored in real time during the run. The linear gradients offer high precision and reproducibility compared with traditional AST methods.1