Application protocols and supporting material

Product Information

Product catalogue – Microfluidic Cell Migration and Morphogenesis Assays (pdf)
Culture Models – CellDirector 2D & 3D (pdf)
Get Started Guide – CellDirector 2D & 3D (pdf)


Application Protocols

CellDirector 2D
Chemotaxis of human fibroblasts (pdf)
Chemotaxis of human neutrophils (pdf)
Chemotaxis of PC-3 cancer cells (pdf)
Cell migration of iPS cells (pdf)
Chemotaxis of HeLa cancer cells (pdf)
Chemotaxis of murine B-lymphocytes (pdf)
Chemotaxis of Jurkat T-lymphocytes (pdf)
Chemotaxis of peripheral blood B-cell derived cell lines (pdf)    
Chemotaxis of human neutrophils towards delta-decalactone (pdf)
Flow-mediated behavioural analysis of human endothelial cells (pdf)
Co-culture & chemotaxis of human PMNs and thrombocytes (pdf)


CellDirector 3D
Rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing (pdf)
Loading hypoxia-sensitive biological samples (pdf)
Immunostaining of biological samples (pdf)


Application Notes

CellDirector 2D
MDA-MB-231 cancer cell chemotaxis (pdf)
Mouse neutrophils chemotaxis (pdf)
Human neutrophils chemotaxis (pdf)

CellDirector 3D
Directed kidney vascularization (pdf)
Dynamic antibiotic susceptibility testing (pdf)


Live Cell Imaging Protocols

CellDirector 2D Guide for Gradient Orientation and Flow Directions (pdf)
White Paper CellDirector and CytoSMART™ by Lonza (pdf)
Application Note CellDirector and Cell-IQ® by CM Technologies (pdf)
Application Note Configuring oCelloScope for the CellDirector2D assay by Philips BioCell (pdf)


User Manuals and Product Notes

CellDirector 2D Product Note (pdf)
CellDirector 2D Short User Guide (pdf)
CellDirector 2D User Manual – contact Gradientech
CellDirector 3D Product Note (pdf)
CellDirector 3D Short User Guide (pdf)
CellDirector 3D User Manual – contact Gradientech

Tracking Tool PRO User Manual (pdf)

CellDirector Switch Product Note (pdf)
CellDirector Switch User Manual (pdf)

Fusion 100 Product Note (pdf)
Fusion 100 User Manual – contact Gradientech

Vacuum 104 Product Note (pdf)

Gradient Marker Product Note (pdf)
Gradient Marker FITC 20K SDS – contact Gradientech
Gradient Marker TRITC 20K SDS – contact Gradientech