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The CellDirector® product family

The CellDirector products are cell-based assays aimed at helping researchers study the migration and morphological changes of cells in directed gradients.

Mouse neutrophil migration

In this video, we demonstrate how CellDirector 2D together with Gradientech Tracking Tool™ was used to analyse neutrophil migration towards the chemoattractant MIP-2, Macrophage Inflammatory Protein-2.

CellDirector® 2D workflow

Watch how you with a few simple steps set up a typical CellDirector 2D experiment – cell response analysis with stable gradients in 2D cell cultures.

CellDirector® 3D workflow

The following video demonstrates the steps when setting up a CellDirector 3D experiment – cell response analysis with stable gradients in 3D cell cultures.

Gradient formation in 2D – live cell tracking

Gradients are instantly formed in CellDirector® 2D. This video shows typical tracking results from the gradient channel and the two control channels from a single CellDirector 2D experiment.

Distinguish between random and directed cell migration

With CellDirector 2D, you can easily distinguish between random and directed cell migration in your experiments. This video explains why this important information is lost when using Boyden type migration assays.

Cell seeding in CellDirector® 3D

Cell seeding in CellDirector 3D is a quick and simple operation – use a standard pipette and slowly inject 8 µl cell-matrix mix.