Discover the unique technology behind our microfluidic products and their biological applications.

The power of linear gradients

Gradientech’s technology combines microfluidics with live cell imaging for the study of cell responses in a linear concentration gradient. Our technology is a perfect match for many biological applications. You’ll find some examples below.

MIC values with high precision on gradient

Antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST)

Expose bacteria to a linear gradient of antibiotic concentrations and follow bacterial growth in real-time.

Determine if the bacteria are susceptible or resistant to the antibiotic tested by calculating the lowest antibiotic concentration (MIC) inhibiting bacterial growth.


Expose immune cells to a linear concentration gradient of chemo-attractant and follow cell migration in real-time.

Track your cells over time to determine their migration pattern towards the chemo-attractant.


Expose blood vessels to a linear concentration gradient of chemo-attractant and follow angiogenesis in real-time.

Track blood vessel over time to determine if they grow towards the chemo-attractant.

Gradientech is an ISO13485 certified company since 2017


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Gradientech develops, manufactures and sells innovative microfluidic products for high-quality analysis of the behavior of cells and organisms in response to gradients of biomolecules. Our aim is to pioneer life science and healthcare.

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